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Your passion

Do what you love;
change the world with your passion.

There exists a plethora of methods for changing the environment. Each of the countless fields of expertise that exist on the planet have unique knowledge, tools and methods that they have developed in their discipline and with which they may change the environment. However, some of these speak more to some than others - and for us to effectively combat the environmental crisis, every person, in every discipline must be involved in the fight in a way that they are passionate about.


The theme "Do What you love; Change the world with your passion" will explore how you can turn your passion into a way of changing the environment for the better. This year, METGREEN will offer a wide variety of workshops and speakers from all imaginable professions; even if you never thought that they have anything to do with the environment! No matter whether your passion is activism, politics, science, journalism, entertainment and media, art, sport or anything else; we invite you all to take part in METGREEN-22!

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