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Your most pressing questions, answered... in a way you wont find anywhere else! 





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What and Why?

In one sentence? Answer your most pressing questions on climate change and the environmental crisis in a way that they can’t be found on google. 


In the panel we hope to bring together experts from a wide variety of areas, particularly ones you wouldn’t frequently see combined to provide you with unique perspectives on your questions.


We hope that you will walk away from the panel looking at the environmental crisis in new ways you had not previously considered, and leave ready to explore new and innovative approaches and ideas in your environmental activism. 


The panel will be made up of 4-6 experts from a variety of different fields. We will begin listing them here as soon as we get final confirmations, but considering those who have confirmed already, we are sure you will be super excited! You can also read more about each speaker on the speakers page. 

Have a question?

Questions form

While we will be giving priority to live questions, we will be compiling a list of questions we will be asking for sure and a list of questions to ask if questions from the audience run out. If you would like your questions to be added to either list you can submit them here and we will consider them! Please note that you are still very welcome to ask your questions live if you are called on and we will not ask them ourselves.​ Please note also that the "name" field in the form is optional.

Submit Your Questions!

Thank you! We’ll review all questions!.

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