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Win large sums in funding!







As part of METGREEN-23 you will engage in "Enviro-Pledges". These will be collaborative environmental projects that you come up with, based on your passion. What they are and who you do them with; totally up to you! The goal of METGREEN is to give you the support and network you need to successfully implement your project! 


In our experience there have been two major barriers in implementing projects: Knowledge and finance. METGREEN hopes to support you overcome both of those barriers. We give you a more detailed overview of these in the Resources (Prizes!) section below but in short; we will connect you to students and experts who will be able to help you out, give you even more contacts, and give out grants!

So, how do i start?

All you have to do is show up to the second day of the conference! We hope that the workshops during the conference will inspire you to come up with project ideas, so we will cover all of the steps after the finish of those! For now, just know: either you can think of a new project for this event or you can slightly extend an already existing one! All of the steps to enter your projects will be carefully outlined during the conference so no worries! If you would like, you can create a METGREEN account before then by signing up, but no worries, this will also be covered on the day of the conference! If you really would like to learn more about how exactly the projects will work and what is expected you can see that in the How does it work? section below.

Why are we doing this? 

Undeniably, learning builds the foundation of anything. However, keeping in mind the urgency of the environmental crisis it is evident that we must immediately act on what we have learned. With the enviro-projects we are making not only a promise, but also a plan, that we will act on. Furthermore, although learning from others internationally is fascinating, we hope to foster a more permanent network of collaboration through encouraging collaborative action!

What kind of projects are allowed? 

Whether you wish to film an environmental documentary, write a petition or open letter, start a campaign or implement a recycling programme in your community, all projects are welcome! Below are the only rules we ask you to follow: 

1. It must be collaborative. The project you register must include at least one new member who was previously not working closely with you. The less you know the person the better! We encourage you to work outside of friend groups, schools, countries and continents! 

2. It must positively benefit the environment. This can mean so many things, but as long as you can justify how this benefits the environment, the project works! 

I don't really have the time to take on more commitments, do I still need to come? 

We get it. You're busy, we all are. Therefore there are no guidelines as to the size of the project; no matter whether you would like to make a single social media post, or start a whole new movement, your project works! In addition, we do not want to require you to take on a new responsibility with the project if you don't feel you have the time. Therefore, if you would like to expand a project you are working on, feel free to do so. The only requirement in that case would be that you invite at least one person who was not previously working on your project to collaborate with you! 

So, even if you do not have much time you should still attend this activity - you will definitely find a project that fits your requirements! 

Resources (Prizes!)


Okay, so, you want to know what you will receive for participating in the projects? We will do our best to make as many resources available to you to help support you in whatever ways possible! We have come across so many sources that give support to already outstanding projects, but not many that give out resources to those just getting started. We won't require nearly fully completed projects before giving you resources. You will gain access to contacts immediately and the grants will be decided just a couple of months after the conference! 

Financial Grants!

We will be giving out grants to really promising projects! You will be asked to indicate how much you need for your projects upon registering them at METGREEN. We will then have a panel of experts review each project and decide how to distribute the funds! 

How much are we giving out in funds? We are still fundraising, but hope that the total sum will be well above 1000+ USD! 

Student Networks!

Just by signing up for a METGREEN account and registering your project you will be awarded access to a growing network of passionate students. Everyone has had successes, failures, set backs and accomplishments. Everyone has a unique skill set and many of us are ready to share it and help others. Imagine having access to community of equally passionate students who have valuable knowledge and tips from their own projects and unique skills they are willing to share! Exactly that is what you will have access to! 

Professional Contacts!

Upon signing up for a METGREEN account and registering your project you will be given access to a page with contact information of experts you meet at the conference who have agreed to be a point of contact for students passionate about their areas! Imagine being able to contact a leading expert in your area of passion and receiving advice from them! 

We will begin publishing lists of experts as we get confirmations for the conference! 

How does it work?

how does it work

So you want to participate? Great! Firstly, remember; you do not need to do anything before the conference, we will go over everything during the conference. However, if you like to be super prepared, need to access the steps again after the conference, or want even more detail on how the process will work, enjoy the steps below!



1. create a metgreen account.

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 5.35.10 PM.png


Find the login button on the right of the header. It is available on every page. 

2. Join the "Metgreen" group.

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 5.58.11 PM.png


Find the "Groups" button on the top of the "Enviro-Projects" page. It may take a moment to load.

2. Join Metgreen group

That's all for now... more steps coming soon!

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