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COVID-19 Safety.

Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation there is a lot of uncertainty and a host of safety measures that have to be followed. This page provides a comprehensive overview of all COVID-19 related safety guidelines you have to be aware of, relating to the conference. 

Please ensure that you have fully read and understood these guidelines prior to signing up to the conference, particularly if you plan on attending presentially.

Current conference "mode". 


Following the subsequent guidelines, a limited number of local attendees from Panama may attend the conference in person at the MET campus. For additional local attendees and all international attendees a carefully and thoroughly put together virtual connection will be offered. For detailed information on the hybrid mode see "Hybrid" page.  

Last Updated: April 20th , 2022. 

Online Contingency Plan

Due to the rapidly evolving COVID situation, it is possible that the conference will have to be switched to a fully online mode. This has been thoroughly planned for, and all the events will remain the same. If this does become the case it will be posted on the website and you will receive an email alerting you, if you have already signed up. You can find COVID-19 projections here.

Vaccine / Test Requirement

If you wish to attend in person, it is required that you have either received 2 COVID-19 immunizations, or a negative test (of any kind) prior to the event. If you are unable to receive a test prior to the event, tests will be provided at the entrance.

Mask Policy

Every presential attendee is required to wear a face mask during the entire duration of the event and stay on MET campus. Only when eating outdoors may you briefly remove your face mask. If you wish to drink something, please step outside of any classroom or enclosed space into a hallway where you may remove your mask briefly to drink. Please note that - despite the spirit of the conference - to ensure full protection, reusable cloth face masks are not permitted. You must wear a surgical or N95 (FFP2) equivalent mask. 

Contact tracing.

We will be careful to keep track of everyone who attends the conference and inform everyone if there are any positive COVID cases. In addition, we will be very careful that no one who has had contact to COVID positive patient attends the conference in person. 

Online Option. 

Regardless of the mode of the conference, there will be an option for an online connection. As mentioned previously you can find information on how we will ensure full connection of presential and online attendees and how exactly the "hybrid" mode will work on the "Hybrid" page. 

Social Distancing.

In accordance with one meter social distancing policy, presential capacity at the event will be limited. It is important to remember that strict social distancing will be enforced and every attendee is expected to properly observe one meter social distancing. If you have had any contact with a COVID positive patient two weeks prior to the event, you may not attend presentially. 

Presential Sign-Up

To be eligible for presential sign up you must meet and be willing to comply with all of the aforementioned criteria and rules and be residing in Panama. If you are eligible and wish to sign up simply indicate so on the sign up form. Available places will be given out based on a first come first served system. 


Lunch will be provided to all in-person participants who wish to receive it, strictly following all MET biosecurity guidelines. There will be a 5 USD fee for lunch, and you are welcome to bring your own should you wish to do so.

You can see the full "In Person" COVID policy here.

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