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The Metropolitan school Of Panama Presents... 

Monday April 22th

Welcome to METGREEN24!

Learn. Connect. Act. Inspire.

With crumbling leadership, dying promises, and new threats to the environment appearing every day; it has become more important than ever for the youth of the world to join forces to protect our environment. Unfortunately, even in a time of such urgency, there still aren't enough platforms for the youth to work together to secure their own future. METGREEN will change that, by providing an international collaboration platform for students to change the world, together. We will offer expert lead workshops, collaborative sessions and commit to concrete action! We would like to welcome all students from grades 6-12!



A Conference Recognized By...

Prof. Stephanie Pincetl, UCLA. 

“Though a changing climate is characterized as a crisis, it is also an enormous opportunity for change, for a change toward lifestyles, especially in the affluent west, that are less based in consumption, and fixated on growth.  It is an opportunity to ask what is important in life – family, friends, good food, health, and community. There is plenty for all, if we share.  METGREEN-22, led by youth, is an important beacon of that hope.  Since we know there is always change, we can work for a change that reduces the consumption and wealth of the top 10%, enabling everyone else to be ensured of a good life.” - Stephanie Pincetl, Chair, Environmental Science and Engineering; Founding Director and Professor at UCLA, 2022.


Connecting The Youth Of The World.


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Students attended METGREEN-22. 


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